Videos to assemble your cabinets of

Assemble your kitchen of

Are you the one who finds easy and entertaining
assembling your own furniture?
We show you how with our videos.

In our video channel you will find instructions to assemble the wall cabinets, the base cabinets, the high cabinets and accessories in an easy way. Select your furniture, press the play button and get down to work!

Videos to assemble your wall cabinets of

How to assemble wall cabinets

In this section we show you how to perform the assembly of the wall cabinets. It is a piece of cake. Choose the furniture to watch the video.

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Videos to assemble your base cabinets of

How to assemble base cabinets

In the base cabinets you will be able to watch step by step how to assembly this kind of furniture. Remember to watch in accessories the rest of the elements.

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Videos to assemble your high cabinets of

How to assemble high cabinets

The assembly process of high cabinet is simple. In this section you can watch the example videos. Choose your furniture.

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